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  • A 400×400 front page graphic for your company. (Please provide a 400×400 graphic that you wish to be displayed)
  • A business page catered towards our members that will be occasionally featured through our social media properties.
  • Links to from our business page to your website.
  • Up to 4 specialty posts per month* to our over 8,000 followers on our social media platforms.
  • One week every three months, a featured article/advertisement on our website.
  • A video post from the business on our social media outlets, up to 4 per 12 month membership (must be sent to the SLBS with enough time to review said content)
  • If requested, we will send ONE (per year) specialty email to our over 500 members on behalf of your business. We must approve content and it must be promoting an event, special or offer made exclusively to our members. Request must be made at least 1 week prior to date that you have chosen for email to be sent out.

Business members will need to submit the content and media to be used for this promotion.

*All requests for business posts, articles and emails are subject to review and editing by the St Louis BBQ Society. We retain the right to edit or refuse content we feel is cast in a negative light, derogatory, or not in line with the St Louis BBQ Society mission.

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